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Westminster Criminal Defense Attorney Garo Madenlian fights for the rights of men and women who find themselves in the position of being investigated, facing prosecution, or looking at possible jail time for criminal charges. If you are suspected of breaking the law, it is imperative that you get the knowledgeable advice and counsel of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

At the criminal defense law firm of Kevorkian & Madenlian, you’ll find a Criminal Defense Attorney who has an extensive comprehension of the Criminal Justice System.

Are you looking at criminal charges? Do the police suspect you of being involved in criminal activity? Contact Westminster Criminal Defense Lawyer Madenlian for experienced legal representation when you need it most. Along with his work as a prosecutor and now in private practice, Mr. Madenlian has been fighting for the rights of criminal law clients for years, protecting their best interests and safeguarding their constitutional rights.

If you are in the situation of needing a skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer to review your unique circumstances and provide an honest assessment of your case, call Westminster Criminal Defense Attorney Madenlian today at 714-668-1100. Contact our office for a confidential consultation at no charge to you.

If you or your loved one is having an emergency after business hours, call 888-747-5545 and talk to a criminal law attorney immediately.

You have the right to an attorney, and having one is critical because it could make the difference in whether you retain your freedom or whether you get a criminal conviction on your record along with possible time in jail. Let Westminster Criminal Defense Attorney Madenlian put his experience into action for you!

Criminal Defense Law Firm for Westminster, California

As a criminal defense law firm serving clients in Westminster, and those in surrounding communities of Orange County, Criminal Defense Lawyer Madenlian offers his knowledge and experience to clients who are engaged in a range of legal matters involving criminal charges. Whether the charges are felonies or misdemeanors, Mr. Madenlian takes cases in the following practice areas:

Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are facing charges of domestic violence, contact our office today for an aggressive legal defense. Domestic Violence Attorney Madenlian represents family members, partners, current spouses, former spouses, and cohabitants against domestic violence charges.

Drug Crimes Attorney

Whether your criminal law matter involves a felony drug crime or a misdemeanor, Drug Crimes Lawyer Madenlian will defend you against many charges, including illegal possession, cultivation, distribution, drug manufacturing, or possession with intention to sell.

DUI Lawyer

DUI Attorney Madenlian provides skilled legal representation for those charged with DUI, including representation during administrative hearings at the DMV for cases involving alcohol and/or drugs.

Expungements Attorney

The law allows certain individuals to file for an expungement of their convictions. Expungements Lawyer Garo Madenlian can help you clear your record of crimes that do not include violent felonies.

Prop 47 Lawyer

Under California’s Proposition 47, individuals with certain convictions may be able to reclassify their non-violent felonies as misdemeanors and thus qualify for a sentence reduction. Prop 47 Attorney Madenlian will fight for your rights, even if your case has been closed, or if the three strikes law comes into play.

Sex Crimes Attorney

Westminster Criminal Defense Attorney Garo Madenlian provides a zealous defense for individuals charged in Sex Crimes such as rape, sexual assault, molestation, statutory rape, crimes against minors, and molestation. He understands the way an allegation of a sex crime can damage a person’s reputation, and he will fight to help you preserve your freedom while restoring your community standing.

Theft Crimes Lawyer

If you’ve been charged or investigated for any theft crime, contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Madenlian. These crimes can be prosecuted as either felonies or misdemeanors depending upon the value of money or property involved. As a skilled Theft Crimes Attorney, Mr. Madenlian handles cases involving car theft, embezzlement, residential burglary, petty theft, shoplifting, and grand theft.

Violent Crimes Lawyer

An experienced Violent Crimes Attorney, Mr. Madenlian defends individuals charged with a range of violent felonies, from robbery to kidnapping and homicide. With a sharp, comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, Violent Crimes Attorney Madenlian was formerly a Deputy District Attorney, and he knows the way these cases are prosecuted.

White Collar Crimes Attorney

When a crime is committed without force, it is commonly classified as a white collar crime. These include bribery, fraud, embezzlement, extortion, and forgery. White Collar Crimes Lawyer Madenlian is available for clients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Call a Skilled Westminster Criminal Defense Attorney Today!

You need a solid defense if you are under investigation or if you’ve been charged with a crime. Westminster Criminal Defense Lawyer Garo Madenlian provides detailed attention to each case, painstakingly reviewing all aspects of the case to craft a sound defense. He makes sure to hold each involved police agency and prosecutor liable for any violations of our client’s civil liberties. He provides each client with high quality representation to ensure that they get the best representation possible. Criminal Defense Attorney Madenlian will fight for the playing field to be level in your case as you face the enormous force of the state’s powerful resources.

If you find yourself or a loved one in the position of facing serious trouble in the criminal justice system, contact Westminster Criminal Defense Lawyer Madenlian today at 714-668-1100. We invite you to schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss your situation. For urgent matters, call 888-747-5545 to speak with an experienced criminal law attorney.

When driving to Kevorkian & Madenlian from the Westminster area, go west on Westminster Blvd., and head west to Beach Blvd. Merge onto the 405 freeway heading South. Go about 2.5 miles and take the Brookhurst St. exit. Head left on Talbert Ave. Take W. MacArthur Blvd. and go right on Hyland Ave. Go left on S. Coast Drive. The Law Offices of Kevorkian & Madenlian are at 1503 S. Coast Dr., Suite 210.


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