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Theft Crime Lawyer Garo Madenlian in Costa Mesa


Welcome to the Law Firm Kevorkian & Madenlian.

Have you or someone you loved been placed under arrest or been charged with theft?  Costa Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer and Theft Crimes Attorney Garo Madenlian provides knowledgeable, aggressive representation to clients being prosecuted for the commission of a broad range of theft crimes in Costa Mesa and throughout the region.

As a former Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Madenlian possesses in-depth knowledge of the prosecutorial and investigative process. He fights vigorously to safeguard the constitutional rights of his clients, and to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Please contact Costa Mesa Theft Crime Lawyer Garo Madenlian at (714) 668-1100 to schedule a free, in-depth personal consultation with a seasoned and compassionate Criminal Defense Lawyer. Mr. Madenlian will thoroughly review your matter, and should you choose to retain him, will immediately begin working on an effective strategy designed to help you maintain your freedom.

Criminal Defense Attorney and Theft Crimes Lawyer in Costa Mesa

Theft Crimes consist of a broad range of offenses. Based on the value of the property or cash that one is accused of taking, these crimes may either be charged as misdemeanor theft or felony theft. If a weapon is used during the commission of the crime, it will always be charged as a felony.

Costa Mesa Theft Crime Lawyer Garo Madenlian provides zealous representation to clients in a vast array of theft matters, including but not limited to the following:

  • Car Theft
  • Burglary
  • Counterfeit Goods or Currency
  • Embezzlement of Funds
  • Grand Theft
  • Petty Theft
  • Robbery
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft by Fraud
  • Theft by Deceit

Based on both the seriousness of the crime with which a party is being charged and whether the defendant has a history of criminal convictions, penalty upon conviction may range from fines, fees, and probation to jail or prison time. An experienced theft crime attorney will understand how to properly evaluate your case and obtain the best results possible.

Additionally, based on the fact that theft crimes are deemed to be indicative of poor moral character, conviction may have a life-long impact. This may include preventing an individual from getting a job, housing, and professional licensing. As a result, it is crucial that you contact a highly experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible. Effective defense counsel will fight for you from arrest through trial as necessary.

Costa Mesa Theft Crimes Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer Garo Madenlian has helped secure the freedom of numerous clients throughout the course of his ten years as a defense attorney. When experience matters and you need the very best on your side, please complete Mr. Madenlian’s Theft Crime Case Evaluation Form. A passionate advocate dedicated to the protection and preservation of his clients’ rights, Attorney Garo Madenlian will review the information you provide and contact you to schedule a personal consultation.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer & Theft Crime Attorney Garo Madenlian has extensive experience successfully defending and preserving the rights of criminal defendants in theft matters.

Call (714) 668-1100 now to talk to an experienced and highly dedicated Costa Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney and Theft Crimes Lawyer. For after-hours assistance, please call (888) 747-5545 for help 24/7.



Costa Mesa Theft Crime Attorney


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