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Criminal Law Attorney Garo Madenlian offers experienced legal defense representation in Garden Grove, the Orange County area, and in communities around Southern California. At one of the region’s premier criminal defense law firms, Kevorkian & Madenlian, LLP, we aggressively defend clients in many criminal defense matters.

If your situation includes suspicions of criminal activity, or if you’re currently under investigation, facing prosecution involving the commission of a crime, or if you’ve been already charged, you need to retain a criminal defense lawyer who has a deep understanding of the criminal justice system.

Garden Grove Criminal Defense Attorney Garo Madenlian has the experience and qualifications that you need. He is a former prosecutor who works zealously to achieve the protection and preservation of your rights, while he strives for outcomes that serve your best interests.

Whether legal services are needed for yourself, loved one, or family member, call Garden Grove Criminal Defense Lawyer Garo Madenlian at (714) 668-1100. We offer a free initial consultation where Mr. Madenlian can thoroughly review the circumstances of your criminal law issues and offer you an honest case assessment.

If you are having an emergency after hours and need to discuss matters directly with Criminal Defense Attorney Madenlian, call (888) 747-5545!

By retaining a skilled criminal defense attorney, you have extensive skills and knowledge on your side which may make a dramatic difference in getting a criminal conviction or maintaining your freedom. Garden Grove Criminal Defense Lawyer Madenlian at Kevorkian & Madenlian is ready to put years of experience and knowledge into motion on your behalf!

Criminal Cases in Garden Grove

As a Criminal Defense Attorney serving Garden Grove, Mr. Madenlian provides experienced legal counsel in a wide range of criminal matters that range from fairly minor misdemeanor offenses to more serious and violent felonies. Kevorkian & Madenlian, LLP, represents individuals in these criminal law matters:

Domestic Violence Lawyer 

Domestic Violence charges can be levied against any involved individual, including any former/current spouse, partner, family member, or cohabitant. Domestic Violence Attorney Madenlian aggressively defends charges of domestic violence and family violence.

Drug Crimes Attorney

Drug Crimes Lawyer Garo Madenlian handles many types of Drug Crimes cases, including drug manufacturing, unlawful possession involving prescription drugs, cultivation, possession of illicit drugs, distributing illegal drugs, and possession with intentions to sell.

DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated, contact DUI Attorney Madenlian for skilled legal representation in DUI and DWI cases, in addition to representation in DMV Administrative Hearings.

Expungements Attorney

Some criminal convictions that are not violent felonies qualify for Expungement from your criminal record. To determine if you are eligible for a judicial expungement, contact Expungements Lawyer and Garden Grove Criminal Defense Attorney Madenlian to see about clearing your record.

Proposition 47 Lawyer

In California, some convictions involving a non-violent felony can be reclassified as misdemeanors under Proposition 47. Prop 47 Attorney Madenlian works diligently to obtain reduced sentences for clients who qualify, including if the case was many years ago, is currently closed, or when the original sentence was incurred using the Three Strikes Law.

Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex Crimes Lawyer Garo Madenlian provides a zealous legal defense for clients accused of committing Sex Crimes, including but not limited to cases involving sexual assault accusations, rape, prostitution, molestation, statutory rape, and sex crimes involving minors. Criminal Defense Lawyer Madenlian understands that a mere allegation of a sex crime is knowledge enough for one’s reputation to be destroyed. This is why it is critical that you trust a highly qualified criminal defense attorney to fight for your freedom. Sex Crimes Attorney Garo Madenlian works zealously to preserve his clients’ freedom while also restoring their reputation in the community.

Theft Crimes Lawyer

Theft Crimes in Garden Grove can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor crime. Also referred to as “wobblers,” theft crimes are charged based upon the amount of money or property involved. If you are under suspicion for, or have already been charged in a theft crime, including petty theft, car theft, residential burglary, grand theft, or an embezzlement reaching tens of thousands of dollars, contact Theft Crimes Attorney Madenlian today.

Violent Crimes Attorney

If you have been charged with committing a Violent Crime, you need experienced legal representation from a skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer who will fight for the best outcome on your behalf. Whether the charges are for violent felonies, including robbery, kidnapping, or homicide, Violent Crimes Lawyer Garo Madenlian provides an aggressive defense. His previous experience working as a Deputy District Attorney gives Mr. Madenlian a keen awareness of prosecution tactics and investigative techniques. Call the law firm of Kevorian & Madenlian at (714) 668-1100 right away if you or a loved one is under investigation or is being prosecuted for committing any violent crime.

White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Crimes committed without force are typically called White Collar Crimes. Contact White Collar Crimes Attorney Madenlian if your criminal matter includes, but is not limited to: embezzlement, theft by deceit or fraud, bribery, forgery, or extortion. The law firm of Garden Grove Attorneys Kevorkian & Madenlian, LLP, is available to assist clients with legal matters 24/7, every day, all day.

Contact Garden Grove Criminal Defense Attorney Madenlian Today!

As an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer, Mr. Madenlian knows it is necessary to craft a strong legal defense for clients, and he painstakingly reviews each aspect of your criminal case to make certain both the police agency and the prosecutor can be held liable when they violate your civil liberties. He diligently works to ensure each client is given the highest quality representation possible, while he fights to even the playing field as he faces the powerful resources of the state of California.

If you or your loved ones are heading toward serious legal trouble or severe consequences in a criminal matter, call Garden Grove Criminal Defense Attorney Garo Madenlian right away. Our experienced criminal defense law firm can be reached at (714) 668-1100, and you are invited to schedule a free initial consultation. For after-hours emergencies, call (888) 747-5545 to discuss your matter directly with a skilled lawyer.

Mr. Madenlian works with the Orange County criminal courts at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana, the Harbor Justice Center Newport Beach, the North Justice Center in Fullerton, and the West Justice Center in Westminster.

To arrive at the law firm of Kevorkian & Madenlian, LLP, from Garden Grove, take Garden Grove Blvd. to Euclid St. and head south for about 5 miles. Turn left on Talbert Avenue and continue on MacArthur Blvd. Turn right on Hyland Ave., and left on S. Coast Dr. Our building is at 1503 S. Coast Dr., Suite 210. We offer free parking and easy access to a nearby freeway.




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